If the taste difference is high in mangoes, there is a hidden danger of manipulation and danger

Mango is said to be the king of fruits. Mango is a fruit that gives so much flavor and health. But in recent years we have started to see news that eating mangoes can cause some health problems. But many people do not know the reason behind this. The truth is that eating mangoes can cause cancer. But let’s see what is the reason behind it and what you need to know about it. This is due to artificial ripening of mangoes.

We know that chemicals are often added to ripen mangoes. But it uses calcium carbide, a deadly chemical that can even lead to cancer. Artificially ripened mangoes cause several serious health conditions. Apart from this, it can lead you to health problems and what changes can be made to mangoes by artificial ripening. Read this article to know more about it.

Artificial fermentation

There is no doubt that home-ripened mangoes are healthier than anything else. Therefore, the fact that the products bought from outside contain chemicals is the cause of danger. Before reaching the market, mangoes are picked green and ripened by adding calcium carbide. Apart from this, chemicals called ethylene are also added. These chemicals are added to prevent the mango from over-ripening and rotting. But the truth is that it is extremely dangerous.


Such chemicals are added so that the fruit does not rot quickly and does not ripen too much. Apart from this, various chemicals are added to maintain the attractiveness of the fruit. But this is not to be understood at first glance. Care should be taken for identification when such methods are used for artificial ripening. By adding organically ripened mangoes and artificially ripened ones, we can use the following methods to identify them. Let’s see what they are.

Understand the color change

We can understand artificially ripened mango by looking at the color change. Green spots can be seen in artificially ripened mangoes. Apart from this, they can be accurately perceived from yellow to green. But usually you can’t see the combination of green and yellow color from a ripe mango. It is naturally yellow in color when ripe. Even if it is a fully ripe mango, the truth is that if it has been artificially ripened, it will have an unnatural bright yellow color. Therefore, you should be careful while buying and eating mangoes.

Health problems

Artificially ripened mangoes often cause a burning sensation in the mouth. Apart from this, some people have severe abdominal pain, vomiting and burning sensation in the mouth. Some people have diarrhea immediately after eating mangoes. These things need some attention. The difference in taste is very noticeable. Because naturally ripened fruit not only does not taste different, it also gives you a better taste, but artificially ripened fruits naturally have a burning condition.

Mango color and texture

The color and texture of the mango helps to understand whether it is artificial. When you cut into a naturally ripe mango, the inside is bright yellow, and it’s easy to tell exactly what’s inside the mango. But the truth is that if it is an artificially ripened mango, the inside will be pale yellow in color. Apart from this, the mango looks like it is not fully ripe. Mangoes may look perfectly ripe on the outside but not on the inside and taste bad.


If it is a naturally ripe mango, there is a lot of juice inside. Apart from this, there is sweetness as well. But if you buy artificially ripened mangoes from the store, it will have very less juice. So be very careful. When a mango ripens naturally, ethyl juice comes out of it. But this does not happen when mangoes are ripened artificially. From this you can understand that what you got is artificial mango.

Harmful Effects

Let’s see what are the harmful effects of artificially ripened mangoes. It contains so many chemicals and pesticides that it can cause serious health problems in many ways. Some of these are hormonal imbalances. It often creates more challenges for you. Hormonal imbalance can lead you to problems like hypothyroidism and polycystic ovary syndrome. It also makes you prone to lifestyle diseases like diabetes. So be very careful.


The truth is that it is not possible to completely protect against chemicals. So care should be taken not to use mangoes that use chemicals. But if they are eaten, they should be eaten only after washing properly. In a small way, it provides resistance, but the truth is that it cannot be completely solved by chemicals and pesticides.

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