Always fighting with your partner? Here are some ways to get angry

Have you ever heard that where there is love there can be strife? To some extent this is true. Both harmony and strife are common in relationships. Similarly in the case of marriage, husband and wife live harmoniously, quarreling, fighting and loving each other. It is common. But what if fighting is life itself? Arguing all the time is never going to move a relationship forward. Such relationships can only lead to a marriage that can break anytime soon.

In fact, anger is one of the main reasons for breaking up relationships. Many marital problems can be solved if we learn to hold back our anger and anger towards each other. Therefore, it is important for husband and wife to control their anger for a good married life. In this article, we share with you some ways to control your anger and avoid fights in your marriage.

Think before you speak.

Most of your problems start at the root of your tongue. Even though you are thinking many things in your mind, when they come out through speech, fights start. So, before speaking harshly about anything, speak after thinking a little. This is one of the best strategies to avoid problems in marriage. If you feel angry, take a deep breath and count from 10 to one. Anger will gradually decrease.

Don’t fight

It’s wise to stop arguing when you find yourself shaking with anger or clenching your fists. If someone doesn’t talk for a while, both of them get some time to think. That means you and your partner will have some time to introspect about the contentious issue. Never consider giving up on mutual arguments a failure. This is one way to keep your argument from escalating.

Don’t complain to others

When you are angry with your partner, you may want to talk to your friends and share your frustrations. With this kind of talk, you are telling your partner little secrets or small details that are humiliating. Expressing your feelings to your best friend may give you temporary relief, but the act is demeaning to your partner.

Understand the reason for the anger

There could be a few reasons why your anger is building up. Insecurity, jealousy, anxiety and stress make anger more severe. You may feel anxious because you cannot perform a task correctly, and as a result you may express anger to cover up that anxiety. So, when you get angry, don’t react immediately and think about the reason for your anger. Be careful not to take out your anger on others.

Negative thinking patterns

Your personality traits also play an important role in your anger to some extent. Blaming, exaggerating, jumping to conclusions without listening to your partner are some of the issues that influence your angry behavior. This will make you angrier than usual. Approaching a situation with maturity is the best way to avoid an argument. Thinking logically and responding maturely is the best way to end an argument.

past events

Never bring up the past when there is an argument. Doing so will only make your problems worse. You must learn to avoid mutual antagonism. Don’t mix hurtful words from the past into your arguments. Even disputes that can be solved easily can turn into big problems through arguments based on past events.

keep calm

One way to resolve marital disputes is to spend time alone and calm down. Or, talk to your partner. First ask them if they are ready to discuss the topic, if they are not ready then you wait. If you want to apologize for arguing, do so. By not letting go of each other because of your ego, you will gain no benefit. This is also a big mistake that couples usually make.

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